Levy Cohen
Chief Executive Officer

Levy’s career combines over 25 years of business and technology experience as CEO of hi-tech companies both in the Silicon Valley, California and in Israel. Levy’s experience as an entrepreneur and founder of technology companies started when he cofounded one of the first companies to tackle the “Year 2000 Bug”. Since then, a savvy business person with technology acumen, Levy has founded several successful product and service-oriented companies all with a strong technology base. Levy holds a BA in Computer Science and Economics from Bar Ilan University in Israel.

About Us

365 Technologies leverages extensive knowhow and innovative technology that was developed over several years by the leading meal solution provider in Israel.


The company was founded in 2012 as part of the Hamashbir 365 Group and is located in Netanya, Israel. Our solution is provided as a service to our international operating subsidiaries. The 365 Technologies management team combines decades of experience, leadership, and an interdisciplinary approach.

Limor Rozen
VP Product and Platform Deployment

Limor is an experienced executive with a 15-year track record of successfully leading the business and technology sides of hi-tech companies, mostly in the US. Limor is equally experienced in business and technology, leading products aspects within a company and managing relationships with key customers. While in California for more than 10 years, she worked for several hi-tech companies in the Silicon Valley in various product and business roles. Limor holds a BA in Computer Science from BA University (1998) and a MBA (focus on Technology Management) from UOP University (2004).

The experienced and talented team that works at 365 Technologies combines technology experts with marketplace leaders and an understanding of customer needs -  all of which result in exceptional product and service qualities.

Our team