Unique and

Advanced Payments Technology Platform 

365 Technologies leverages extensive knowhow and innovative technology that was developed over several years.


The technology platform supports both the B2B payment market and the modern B2C payment market.


The platform’s forward-thinking architecture has anticipated the various needs of operating in many countries and thus offers solutions to related issues such as localization, compliance with local laws and regulations, integration into financial networks and the ability to operate under several business models.


The platform combines an end-to-end transaction processing subsystem with a comprehensive engagement/loyalty channel.

For the B2B payment market, the platform supports employee meals, incentives and fuel service and marketed globally under the global brand of Remunera.


In the B2C payment market, the platform enables a framework for sophisticated and flexible transactions required in the mobile payments environment, and is currently delivered in Israel by Celleb.


365 Technologies operates its platform in a SaaS model and provides its subsidiaries with technical support, data center operations, and ongoing system development and innovation